Overcoming Sales Objections

The toughest obstacle for many small business owners is sales.  They hear the words “no” or “not right now” or “I’ll have to think about it” and they don’t know how to overcome the objection from the buyers. What do you do when you approach someone and their first response is “no thank you”? There are several ways to overcome sale objections.


One way to deal with an objection is to turn it into an opportunity. You can change the buyers mind by showing them a perspective that they may have not considered by building your response with information that is so true to argue with without being contradictory. For instance when someone tells you “we already work with competitor Y”, it’s important at this point to understand why you are unique and be able to explain the value clearly. Try to show the client how other clients are using both products, but most important show the additional values that you can offer them (what they are getting by opting for your product to the competitors’ product) and how unique your products are.

Gather information

Asking the client some appropriate questions like “what do you mean, tell me more”, helps you to understand their objection and it also shows you have interests in them. Don’t ask questions that start with “why” as this will allow them to give all the reasons for their objection, giving you a hard time to respond. It’s therefore advisable to use open ended questions.

Don’t respond in forthright or commanding manner, it will make the client feel insignificant and unable to voice any further objection. Remember to look at what they are communicating non-verbally, their body language and even their tone can tell you more about how they are feeling and why they are saying no.  Here is a video on how exactly to ask these types of questions.

Use the best friend technique

Most clients will not give a decision right on the spot though they will give clues about what is preventing them from making a decision. In this case try not to ignore the client’s concerns instead just acknowledge them. Try to look at the situation from the client’s perspective and put yourself in his or her shoes. Imagine how you would be feeling if you were the client and what could make you feel more confident. You will be in a better position to understand and deal with clients concerns if you focus on understanding his or her perspective.

Sales objections are not fun for anyone in sales, but they can still indicate that the client has some interests in your products. Objections can provide an opportunity and by being proactive and trying to work with the clients to help them overcome their objections, it gives you a chance to create a long term relationship with the client.


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